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ModeZEB-UB1127Capacity7.2Ah SMFVoltage12VApprox weight2.06kg aprox.Terminal TypeT2Approximate Dimensions Length151 mm (5.0 in)Width65 mm (2.6 in)Height94 mm (3.68 in)Total Height99.0 (3.90 in)Constant Voltage Charge Standby13.5-13.8 VCycle use14.4-15.0 VInitial currentLess Than 2.1 A..
230V AC input voltageTypics 4-8 ms transfer timeModified sine wave waveform6 hours to 90 percent after complete discharge recharge timeCapacity: 600VA; Input Voltage: 230VAC; Input Voltage Range: 140-300VAC; Output Voltage Regulation (Batt. mode): +/- 10 percentTransfer time: Typics 4-8 ms; Waveform..
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